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How can I update the availability of my listing?
How can I update the availability of my listing?
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In order for you to access the calendar, please go to your Storefront account by logging in via the following link

Then, enter in your login details composed of your email address and your password. In case you need to reset your password, please click

Once logged in, please go to "Calendars".

To block the dates of unavailability, please click on the green button 'Block specific dates', so that renters can have an overview of the availability of your space

Then, click on 'Blocked' so that the dates in question appear in gray on the calendar

However, if you had previously blocked dates and your space is actually available during the period concerned, please follow the same process, but this time, click on 'Available', in order to unblock the dates you had blocked

Finally, the button 'Availabilities haven't changed', is related to an automatic email sent to you as a reminder to up-to-date your calendar. In case you don't need to block any period/dates, please click on this button

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