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How do I setup competitive pricing for my listing?
How do I setup competitive pricing for my listing?

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Storefront enables you to gain efficient exposure to over 100,000 global brands and retailers for free. All potential renters using Storefront find your listing based on specific search criteria.

The most important search criteria relates to availability and pricing of your listing. You want to have competitive pricing in order to maximize your visibility to those renters.

Let's make sure you understand how pricing works and how it is setup in order for you to maximize your booking potential.


You will not be as visible to clients unless you setup competitive pricing based on availability and pricing.

Make sure your space is available with Daily / Weekly & Monthly Price to be able to compete with other listings online.


We advise all of our listing owners on pricing for their listing. Our large database gives us the opportunity to provide knowledgable feedback in order for you to have a competitive listing. If you have questions here, please contact

Simplicity is key in order to seamlessly rent out your space. We display one visible price for your space. Therefore, a clear pricing structure for your listing price should always include utilities and wifi, if setup in your space. 

Also, keep in mind that our service is completely free for listing owners. You are being paid the amount of money that you setup on your listing.

The renter pays us a service fee for secure payments and 24/7 customer support on top of your selected rental fee. The service fee is 20% and visible to potential renters on Storefront.

Your listing should be a "VIP listing" - Review the article Here

Feel free to reach out to if you have anymore questions.

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