Storefront is a simple way to seamlessly rent out your retail or event space via an online booking system. Our online platform enables you to gain efficient exposure to over 100,000 global brands and retailers for free.

We provide knowledge and feedback on how to become a successful "Listing Owner". Top quality listings ensure that you will rent out your space using Storefront. 

It is important that you adapt part of our rules in order to become a "VIP listing", which will guarantee your success.

What is a VIP listing?

"A listing that guarantees success on Storefront. There are 4 key metrics that define the quality of a listing and if your listing is VIP or not.

Tip: Make sure your listing is a VIP listing. Your ranking will go up and you will be more visible to clients."


Space availability and pricing is key as clients filter for spaces based on those two criteria. You will not be as visible to clients unless you setup competitive pricing as shown below.

The more information on your space, the more prepared and knowledgable clients are when they select and rent a space. Make sure you complete the following document to maximize your booking potential on Storefront.

  • Fill out this Form to ensure Info Completion on your listing Here


The picture quality on your listing is the main selling point. As a digital platform, clients buy your space how they perceive it online. As a result, you need high-quality pictures to become a "VIP listing".

Review the quality standard for pictures on this example:

White-Box Pop-Up Shop in Lower East Side

It is important that you have a minimum of 4 pictures as shown in the picture below. 


You cannot rent out your space unless you communicate correctly and efficiently with your renters. It is key that you interact and guide your renters in order to maximize your booking potential.

  • Respond to Renters within 24 hours 

  • Review "How do I manage my Requests" in order to control your bookings efficiently and successfully.


Setup your Payment Information to receive payments fast and seamless. It is a requirement to become a "VIP listing" and it is part of the listing completion process to reach 100%. 

Review the FAQ article "How to get paid."

Access your Account and add payment information Here

Feel free to reach out to if you have anymore questions.

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