How to Send an Inquiry

Browse listings until you find a space that fits your requirements. Once you are ready to initiate the conversation, follow these steps:

1. Send an inquiry. You can find the send inquiry link on the right-hand side of the page below the photographs of the space. ‚Äč


2. Select the dates that you are interested in booking the space - you need to select a start date and an end date. Please note that the dates are not final. The space representative can update the desired dates once they send an invoice.

3. Include a quick intro explaining how you would like to use the space. This will let our Storefront team find out more about why you are interested in renting the space.


4. Once you have selected dates and enter information in the text box, click Send Inquiry. A pop-up will display confirming the request has been sent to our Storefront team in charge of reviewing your request.


5. Once you have sent a request, a grey box will appear on the right-hand side of the listing showing Request Pending.

6. You can view your requests in your inbox.


7. You can click on the request to view more information about the request.

Still waiting to hear back from the space representative? Shoot an email over to We suggest sending 5 or more requests to find a space that fits your needs

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