How to Get More Requests for Your Listing

Here are some  tips to increase the number of views and requests that your Storefront listing receives:

  1. Post links on social media: Utilize your social media network by sharing your listing link on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Use hashtags like #popup and #popupshop to reach your next short-term renter.
  2. Complete your listing: It's difficult for brands to commit to renting a space without sufficient information. Make sure your listing has professional quality photos and a thorough description that includes details about unique features, foot traffic, neighborhood attractions, and nearby vendors.
  3. Email friends and creatives: Compose an email blast to share your listing with friends, artists, designers, and makers. People already in your network might be interested in renting out a short-term retail space.
Here's a template:
Hey there!

In case you didn't know, my retail space is available to rent for pop-up shops and short-term events. The space would work well for artists, designers, makers, or anyone looking to grow a business. Take a look at my listing here: [ENTER LISTING URL].

I still have availability in [ENTER MONTH], so please submit a request through Storefront if you're interested.



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