How to Promote Your Pop-up shop

After you book your space on Storefront, we want you to have a successful pop-up event. Here are 4 tips to generate buzz and increase foot-traffic at your shop:

  1. Create an event page: Easily share your event with your network by creating an event page on Facebook, Splash, Eventbrite, or your preferred event site. This allows you to invite friends and monitor RSVP's online.
  2. Post links on social media: Utilize your social media network by sharing event details on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Use hashtags like #popup and #popupshop to reach your desired audience.
  3. Print invitations and flyers: Establishing an online presence isn't your only option. Print invitations and flyers to add a personal touch and give your network a physical reminder to attend your event.
  4. Email friends and creatives: Compose an email blast to share your event with friends and other potential attendees. Encourage recipients to forward the message to others who may be interested in attending your pop-up.

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